Apple sends notifications to iPhone users asking them to upgrade for the new models

iPhone XS Max

If you purchased a product such as a smartphone or a tablet device or a personal computer or a TV, will need If began to receive letters from the police telling you to upgrade when it comes out model new? We believe that this is Seth’s indignation enough many of people, but that’s what it is doing Apple almost.

According to some iPhone users, it appears that Apple send automatic notification to iPhone users to remind them to upgrade their devices. Said developer Steve Lederer posted a photo you know won’t notice that you send Apple to its customers, although it noted that it received this notice because it was part of the iPhone Upgrade Program.

One of the responses to what he said to Steve Lederer came as follows : ” I think that? But I still feel like ill use the payment system notification. Bottom line : Don’t be a people are generally happy when you send them follow up notifications annoying to get them to buy things. Sounds like something could be done by the store Best Buy…but not the Apple Store “.

On the other hand, explained developer Steve Lederer has Apple come out of the laws imposed by Apple on developers when it comes to how to use the system, payment notices, but Apple prevents the use of system payment notifications to send spam, messages, marketing, etc. Some people to how to disable notifications, while suggested that this exercise clearly indicate that Apple is desperate and want to increase the sales of the iPhone in all ways possible.

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