Apple says the smart phone market of the United States in the past quarter, followed by Samsung narrowly

iPhone XR

Despite the decline in sales of iPhones during the year 2018, it seems that Apple works so well in the motherland. According to the statistics issued by the institution CIRP specialized in market research, it appears that iPhones accounted for 36 percent of total new smartphones that have been activated in the United States of America during the first quarter of 2019, which gave Apple a slight advantage over Samsung, which got a ratio of 34 percent. For the second, it was of share of the company LG, which got 11 percent, while it was ranked fourth of the share of the company Motorola that I got on a ratio of 10 percent.

Statistics indicate that Apple use its market share in the United States of America after he lost part of it last year, but still far from the quota dominant that it enjoyed in the quarters first two years 2016 and 2017 when its market share reached 40%. Should be reflected in the new results better financially for Apple, despite declining sales in the European markets, Japanese and Chinese.

Analysts expect an increase of 5 percent in revenue for Apple from the sales of the iPhone in the United States of America during the first quarter of this year compared with the same quarter of last year, so this would return low sales figures in overseas markets.

As a whole, are still Android phones, representing 64 percent of the total smartphones that were activated in the first quarter of this year in the United States of America, while the iPhone ratio of 34 percent.


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