Apple says that they still need more time before they reveal their plans for Apple TV


As you have probably heard, the Apple buy a collection of TV programs, and recently, also the creation of television programs, they also hired many specialists in the field of production of films and serials, including the director who directed the movie La La Land award-winning Academy. However, the question posed by many people is where will Apple release this content?

Apple TV currently include some of these television programs in the Apple Music service, but given that this service is mainly focused on music, it seems to see where Apple and the issuance of the movies and serials, television programs, non-musical. However, it seems that I don’t have Apple anything to confirm. currently, despite the fact that Mr. Eddy Cue, who is Deputy Head of the Department of services, software and the internet in Apple stated recently that Apple will reveal its plans, but they still need ” a little time “.

This according to the Lucas Shaw from the website of Bloomberg, which quoted Mr. Eddy Cue as saying : ” We’re not ready quite yet to talk about it. We have a talented Group is incredibly to work on it. Hope to hear a lot about this in the near future. “

There are some who believe that it should be on Apple to actually collect all of its services with the subscription service, one, similar to what is done by Amazon with free Amazon Prime which gives customers access to songs and videos and fast shipping of products, devices and exclusive, and so of other things. And, of course, remains to be seen whether Apple will do the same thing in the end.


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