Apple says that the Qualcomm refused to sell any pieces iPhone last

آبل تقول أن كوالكوم رفضت بيعها أي قطع لهواتف آيفون الأخيرة

In the talk different what goes on among those interested, said Jeff Williams, director of operations at Apple that his company was the wish to obtain chip modem with Qualcomm in order to put them in the iPhone last Xs, XS Max, and XR, but the chip manufacturer has refused it because of the lifting of the Apple case of monopoly against us.

Said Williams during his testimony in front of a commissioner of the Federal Trade of America that the goal of Apple was to get chips season from two sources; they are Qualcomm and Intel, but that Qualcomm refused to sell, forcing the company to request to provide all the pieces of Intel. This will affect the future of the company, especially as it’ll be late in launching phones with 5G being the Intel didn’t reach him until now unlike Qualcomm, which announced at the end of the year.

He explained to Williams that the amount the company was paying as the loyalty of each modem is 7.5$, but it was want to pay 1.5$ for each modem only, which means that’s what you get for Qualcomm was equal to 5 times the amount that the wishes of Apple Pay (as a system of loyalty for each phone sold), but Williams returned and talked about not owning his company for many of the options, saying, “We need to chip them. If we’re gonna play them judicially, we weren’t able to get it at all.” But it seems that Apple went for option hardest to raise the issue on Qualcomm at the end.

Recall that sales of iPhones during the recent period were to exceed hundreds of millions, so the pay 7.5$ per phone means exceeded the money paid for the technology to Qualcomm for a billion dollars, and this semi-Williams as a “gun oriented to the head”.

On the other side, as appears by the testimony of Williams, the Apple TV was you want to push the value of loyalty for each modem at a time. – equivalent to 5% of its price, but that Qualcomm was you want to get 5% of the value of all the iPhone – which he told Williams that it makes sense, but in the end it was agreed on the $ 7.5$ for every device. While the Apple TV this is a monopoly and preying on, the Qualcomm on the other side you see that it has the right to control the report of its own like other companies.

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