Apple says that it has 500 million users the service Siri

Apple has released a press release relating to the headset by the smart HomePod available for pre-order, the company disclosed an interesting detail about the voice assistant Siri. Apple says that her voice is now used by 500 million users in its various organs, it did not specify whether the figure regarding the number of users per day or per month. Previously, Apple provided an update on the use of Siri last June, within the activities of the Conference of the developers of 2017, where she said that about 375 million customers regularly use it on devices iPhone and iPad and Mac Apple watch and Apple TV. During the last two quarters alone, Apple shipped an estimated 130 million devices featuring voice assistant Siri is among the reasons maybe that made the ratio of the use of Siri is experiencing a tremendous increase in use during only seven months. Revealed Apple’s voice assistant Siri for the first time when you launch the phone iPhone 4S in 2011, it is expected that the order of numbers and use it again when he started selling headphones HomePod on 9 February.

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