Apple said as protects the user routes Apple Maps

Rigorous Apple’s approach to maintaining the privacy of its users is including on the Apple Maps. This confirms the content section of the official website of the company dedicated to privacy. According to published information, all the data that the map service receives in the process of building a route is stored only in anonymised, not allowing the company to know exactly who has requested a particular route.

“Actually we don’t even know who exactly builds the route stated on the Apple website. – Apple Maps use a system of random identifiers that represent user requests driving directions. Each of them is assigned a random number used for the marking of the sender. Thus, you and your routes will be completely anonymous.”

But Cupertino is not limited to only random identifiers that make it impossible to determine a specific person, to build routes in Apple Maps. To avoid the possibility of even an accidental Association of a user with a chosen way – especially if he makes this journey every day — each route segment is processed in different sections of servers providing the service.

Apple’s approach to their work, certainly deserve respect. But, in fact, protecting the user from itself, the company protects them from the security services. However, to call it only as palliative, is simply impossible. Because, as you know, our iPhone, iPad Apple Watch and record all of our movements, synchronizing these data with iCloud. And because the cloud is not protected through encryption, nothing can prevent the cupertinos to give law enforcement all the necessary information.

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