Apple review features phones the iPhone in the latest promotional video

In an attempt by Apple to promote the need possible phones the iPhone, the company Published 3 video clips for feature Face ID, customers iOS 12 to the side of the company’s activity in environmental conservation through recycling.

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Published by Apple in the UK, three of the promotional videos for versions of the company’s phones from the iPhone, where the focus of the first video clip on the technology and features of the Face ID that gives the user the advantage of recording a period of 14 seconds, with the advantage of TrueDepth in the camera that operate to draw the outline of the three-dimensional face of the user.

While reviewing the video of the second featured software iOS 12 in the acceleration of the performance of versions ancient and Modern also of phones the iPhone, which already supports 80% of phones the iPhone and the iPad until now.

In the third video describes Apple’s role in preserving the environment and recycling products, where the company is focusing on phones iPhone only, they also emphasize that recycling allows the re-use of material without the need to extract more raw materials from the Earth from New.

Recall that the promotion campaign initiated by Apple in the UK with the slogan “There’s more to the iPhone” wasn’t the first of its kind for the treatment of phones the iPhone, as they come other promotional campaign in the United States the “iPhone can do what?”, the Where the campaign focuses on the features of versions 2018 of phones iPhone.


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