Apple reveals the price of repair screen for iPhone XR before its launch days

آبل تكشف عن سعر إصلاح شاشة آيفون XR قبل لإطلاقه بأيام

Apple announced about the price of repair LCD screen for iPhone XR prior to the short time of its launch during the week, as Will the cost of the screen$ 199 in the case of non-possession of the owner of the XR subscription service + AppleCare, and is Cheaper Than the cost of repairing the OLED screens for both the iPhone XS XS Max which cost $ 279$ 329$, respectively, while the will be similar to the three devices at the cost of battery replacement, which will sell for 69$, while Will the price of the repair XR according to the reason for damage or breakage.

Where in the case give the screen due to the break in the rear glass will cost costs clear chances, it would cost 399$ for the XR و549$ لـXS و599$ for XS Max, in service +AppleCare provides repair for the two crashes the phone for 99$ no matter the model of iPhone the screen repair within the service will be$29.

And subscriptions software +AppleCare pretty close to the phones iPhone different priced at$ 149 for iPhone XR, 7 Plus, 8 Plus, and$ 199 for each of the XS XS Max which give a guarantee to the user for a period of two years the reform of the one-time during the year, which is a suitable price in the event of exposure incidents may lead to breakdowns in the phone.

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