Apple revealed the new robot, which parses iPhone

Two years ago Apple introduced their new robot called Liam, whose job is to disassemble the iPhone to as many components to process and use again. Technology is constantly improving, and yesterday Apple revealed the second generation of the robot — now is Daisy.

This robot looks very similar to Liam and is able in one hour to disassemble iPhone 200 — an average of one smartphone takes about 20 seconds (depending on the model, Daisy works with eight iPhone models). The task is the same — sort disconnected components. In addition, in the process, Daisy produces metals, including precious. 10,000 iPhone robot receives about 200 kg of aluminum, 130 grams, 70 grams of silver and even 40 grams of platinum.

The resulting materials are not used for the production of a new iPhone, and go to create other products from recycled metals. Greenpeace has managed to put Apple’s criticism, saying that the company should create products that can last for a long time, than to constantly send them for recycling. However, these guys are always hard to please.

As proudly stated in Cupertino, this invention is an example of the attention that Apple pays to its products at all stages of their lifecycle: from development and production to disposal.

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