Apple responds to complaints of Spotify in a letter sharp on its official website


A few days ago, we reported that Spotify filed a complaint against Apple to the European Commission due to unfair practices. Said Spotify that Apple made it difficult for companies like Spotify Development Fair with Apple services on the company’s platform through the development of artificial restrictions and laws constantly changing.

The Apple today responded to it through the publication on its official website on the internet responding to allegations of Spotify. This publication, which is not attributed to anyone in particular in the company, happens to be much more aggressive than we expected from this company that you like to remain silent so often. At least not as much as the seat of the famous ” Thoughts on Flash ” to the late Steve Jobs nine years ago.

In the publication, it is clear that Apple’s claim that what he said his company Spotify is unfounded addresses some, but not all, of the problems raised by Spotify in its publication. The argument of Apple is that Spotify want to reap the benefits of using the platform of Apple to its advantage, but without paying anything for it.

For this, chose Apple TV some of the points that must be addressed. It claims to link to Spotify in terms of support for Siri and AirPlay 2, and that the service Spotify deeply integrated in platforms such as CarPlay, and they in fact agreed on the application of the Apple Watch with Spotify, unlike what its Spotify.

Pointed Apple TV later to Spotify forgot to mention that the tax Apple the 30% is for the first year of subscription and then drop to 15%. She also said that the majority of users of the Spotify iOS use plan area or come through partnerships with telecommunications companies, so only a small part of the subscriptions of Spotify is that affected birds Apple.

Started Apple in talking about how to use Spotify to prevent it, and use their own development tools and payment system of its own while still want to keep 100% of the revenue.

After that, the company decided to the Apple TV that no admonition directly to the company, claiming that Spotify won’t be the company it is today without the App Store. Even worse, I talked to Apple also about how that works, Spotify also on the pressure on artists, songwriters and tried to avoid the additional payment. This was largely aside in the publication because it relates to the problem at hand seems like a criticism of Apple’s practices of the company Spotify.

However, not Apple, despite all the claims made by Spotify in its complaint. The complaint was Spotify key is not to provide the same level of powers that she has is when it comes to developers who offer appropriate services to one of its services. The developers pay 30% of their earnings to Apple TV if you use a payment system of its own, resulting in reduced profits forcing them to increase prices, while obviously the Apple Music service, the police don’t have to pay any fee which makes them not have to raise their prices.

Also, while dropping the fees required to be paid from 30% to 15%, they are based on each user if the subscription user and restart subscribes for any reason, the clock starts from scratch again.

Secondly, while claiming to Apple they provide the platform, tools and payment system of its own developers, but to developers in the iOS system have no choice but to use the platform and tools Apple. When you didn’t want company Epic Games in give a share of their revenue to Google, they simply launched a store of its own on Android, but you can’t do that on iOS, so I don’t have the developers no alternative but to rely on tools that Apple use, and it is clear that it is expensive.

Thirdly, you didn’t eat the Apple never how to make it impossible for developers to use any other payment method within their apps if they don’t use the payment system. If you provided a link or even informed your customers through your app move to the web site and subscribe from there, you will not face Apple on your app until you remove this phrase violation. This is a problem faced by all developers, not just Spotify.

Reported Apple is also in its publication that the majority of existing applications on the App Store are free, including the application of Spotify itself, and therefore do not pay Apple anything for conversions if users don’t use any of the IAP. However, the developers are doing it because every developer have to pay Apple an annual fee for having a developer account and create application systems for the Apple TV. So, even if your app is free, you still pay Apple to use its platform tools, which I forgot Apple mentioned easily.

It was refuted Apple fairly weak, as that the arguments were irrelevant which made it seem like employees, angry breathing on the keyboard. Still waiting for the decision of the European Commission in relation to the complaint of Spotify to see where this is going. You may hear another response from Spotify before it, but we hope it will not bother to do so because the arguments of the original was strong enough to annoy the officials at Apple.

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