Apple responded to U.S. government agencies on the issue of its deliberate and slow phones iPhone

Apple iphone 6 Plus

Earlier this week we told you that the U.S. Department of Justice and the securities and Exchange Commission of America decided to open an investigation with apple on its deliberate and slow phones iPhone old. Said Apple in the past that they had to slow some phones old iPhone because the batteries degraded to avoid ended RAM of this smartphone because of the inability of the battery to keep the original speed of the Processor.

The Apple slows iPhone the Old by updating the filing, about a year ago, but indicated Apple lately. it will provide users the possibility to disable the option to slow down the Processor Speed if the battery life doesn’t matter with the update to iOS 11.3, which will Apple released it in the foreseeable future.

Having said that, Apple has now issued an official statement responding to government agencies mentioned above, which decided to open an investigation against it due to its deliberate and slow phones iPhone old. Again, confirmed Apple to government agencies in this statement that it does not slow down the phones iPhone old deliberately improve the user experience by any means in order to pay customers to upgrade to its new smartphones, and that its real objective was always to create products that clients love and use it for as long as possible. In its statement the official said Apple by saying :

” First of all, we didn’t and will never do anything to the life of any product Apple has deliberately, or crash the user experience and Support Customer to upgrade. It was our goal always is to create products loved by our customers, and make the iPhone remains in the possession of the customer for as long as possible is an important part of that. “

The Apple since then to calm things down is to reduce the price of the replacement battery to the 29$ they knew it was asking for 79$ to do so. The programme of replacement of the battery is open now and will be available to all customers who Own the iPhone 6 or a higher version, customers will be able to take advantage of this offer, whether their smartphone will need to replace the battery or not.

Has promised Apple it will also make it easy for iOS device users know whether their devices to need to replace the battery in the future. We believe, however, that this probably won’t be enough to reduce the lawsuits instituted against the company because of this issue, so it remains to see How will treat Apple exactly with this issue. And yet we’re not sure of the final results of this investigation are subject to Apple, but things don’t bode well for the young American. In the meantime, there are more than 40 lawsuits filed against the company, some of which have been filed outside of the United States of America also.


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