Apple responded to the lawsuit filed against her by American teenager

Apple Company

A lawsuit has been filed against Apple by an American teenager claims that the face-recognition system of the police led to his arrest, despite the fact that he did not commit any error. The prosecution says that Apple used the system for facial recognition in retail stores to catch the person who was engaged in a series of thefts. I’ve decided Apple is now a reply on the matter stating they do not use facial recognition in its stores.

He claimed Osumane Bah in his lawsuit that he was arrested as a robber in the many robberies at Apple stores. Deny that this person said that the real thief used his information and the code the definition of fake. Earned claims weight in New York and Boston where he led the surveillance footage and testimony of the informant is already to drop the charges against him.

I watched detective in the NYPD, Mr. John Reinhold footage that I took of surveillance cameras and noted that the Osumane Bah does not resemble the suspect in the case. And then proceeding to the detective explained that the security technology of Apple Inc identify suspects automatically through facial recognition. Tell John Reinhold site The Verge that Apple does not use facial recognition technology in its stores, but reiterated that his statements in the lawsuit are true also. Security Industry Specialists is a company that represented the second defendant in the suit. The report states that this is probably a company that used the face-recognition system to improve the surveillance footage after a robbery, perhaps outside the facilities of the Apple TV.

Have been providing Osumane Bah with a police report, according to the lawsuit, which stated that one of the employees of the Department of lost and found in Apple may monitor his steals pens Apple Pencil in surveillance footage within the Apple store in Boston. Called Apple in the beginning they don’t have surveillance footage, but it fell about that later. Equivalent Osumane Bah this by saying that while the robbery was happening in Boston was attending a concert in Manhattan, so he wasn’t there. There is speculation that the real thief may have stolen information from learner’s permit that was lost, a statement that did not know the image of the owner. Clearly, this issue will continue for a while.


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