Apple responded to the French government about contracts and the ” arbitrary ” imposed on developers

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Earlier this week it was announced French Finance Minister, Mr. Bruno Le Maire that the French government looked to file a lawsuit against companies such as Apple and Google, claiming that this company imposes on developers contracts ” arbitrary“, which is a contract that allows her to change the terms of the contract from one side, such as price.

However, Apple has since made a statement denying these allegations, and as a measure not only strong relationships with the developers of the French, but these developers benefited also from the iTunes store the App Store where they achieved up to $ 1 million of revenue generated by applications.

According to the statement of Apple that I gave to the newspaper Le Figaro, she said : ” We are proud of the strong relationships with tens of thousands of developers all over France, and who have received billion euros of revenue from the iTunes store the App Store. The foundations of many of these developers have gifted their company with one or two people and then they saw their teams grow to deliver their apps to users in 155 countries. This is not possible only thanks to the investment of Apple in the iOS development tools and the iTunes App Store “.

She added : ” I’ve defended Apple has always been about the confidentiality and security of users and do not enjoy access to the transactions of users with third-party applications. We’re fully prepared to watch our history in French courts in order to clarify this misunderstanding. In the meantime, we will continue to assist the developers of the French to achieve their dreams and to support French students in their learning of programming through a program to teach programming us “.


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