Apple responded to the accusations Spotify does not in the publication of a scathing

After that company introduced Spotify a formal complaint against Apple to the organization of the fight against fraud in the European Union, accusing it of being identified unfairly of choice and competition through restrictions and rules of the existing App Store, Apple responded to these accusations in a publication posted on its official website, which described the accusations as misleading and illogical, especially since the company has helped Spotify in the spread of the app and access to a large number of users and more revenue.

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According to the publication, Apple will claim that they have helped the service to broadcast songs to spread among the users thanks to the store, with Spotify most of their revenue from ads and partnership with Apple. However, the broadcast service does not want to pay for the manufacturer phones any ratio vs. sales subscribe; which means they want to take advantage without paying any money.

And that’s why Apple has to discuss some important points, as she added support for Siri وAirPlay 2 to Spotify, making service integrated strongly with a platform like CarPlay. Moreover, the company claims that it has adoption of the application Spotify for Apple’s smart on the spot, with the application Spotify Watch the first in the category of Watch Music.

Pointed Apple that Spotify didn’t mention anything about that the proportion of 30% of the value of contributions to be levied in the first year only, and then go down to %15 in the case of a subscriber to renew subscription for another year. The company also mentioned that the majority of users of the Spotify iOS use plans, or they jointly through the plans of companies to contact their own, so only a small part of the subscriptions to Spotify falls under the model of revenue sharing from Apple.

Continued to Apple her talk about the company Spotify using its platform and take advantage of the tools developed defense system of its own, however they are still interested in the acquisition of 100% of the revenue. Even worse, is that the streaming service has put pressure on artists and fans and to prosecute them to avoid the additional payment.

Apple has stated also in its publication that the majority of existing apps on the store for free, including Spotify, so these applications don’t pay the company anything, but they think that if you will use its platform to make money, you should get a ratio.

However, I didn’t want Apple to all complaints made by Spotify, which was a complaint with Spotify is that the application AirPlay Apple Apple Music, is not subject to the same restrictions that they impose on Spotify. Anyway, we’re still waiting for the decision of the organization of the fight against fraud in the European Union in relation to the complaint of Spotify.


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