Apple responded to the accusations of Spotify is not respected and her battle

آبل ترد على اتهامات سبوتيفاي لها بالاحتكار وتنعتها بالمضللة

After that made Spotify the complaint of the Federation of European against the Apple TV out of respect, published a recent press statement responding to charges of First which is considered their papers and gas makes sense, especially as they helped Spotify in the published application and access to a large number of users.

Long statement to Apple TV can be tested a bit, the company says it helped the service songs to spread among the users thanks to the store, but Spotify don’t want to pay for it they want not to deduct 30% of the value of the contributions as well as get profit shop software that is distributed to developers on the app store; what means that they don’t want to pay but want to take advantage.

And Apple TV does it require any developer to pay a proportion of the commission only if the application is used to store programs, state, and county represent the back simple the company and is for the normal to take advantage of the secure payment platform provided by. At the same time there are a large number of users got the service for free through the companies contact and not use them any commission while the companies get the same value that you get Apple.

Commenting on the words of Spotify not to respond fast with their updates, and on devices such as domestic helpers or assistant Siri, Apple states that it made of 200 an update to The contributed more than 300 million downloads, as the app needs to standout in the music category on the Apple Watch are on hand on the platform CarPlay that contrary to allegations, and Apple for their compatibility with Spotify for most of the time on synchronization of the app with Siri, but the last was all the time talking about her work on it.

Chop the Apple to her statement by saying that Spotify talked about 30% of the value of the contributions go to her, but she didn’t turn to that in the first year and then you will get the value to 15%. She said that the problem of Spotify money is not with them only, the artists and distributors and all shareholders in the service suffer from the scarcity of the profits they get in return are trying to get money from everyone.

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