Apple respond to Google in an official statement on the gaps system iOS and penetrate phones iPhone!

Days before the team published a Google security report about serious gaps in the system iOS s discovery of her and inform Apple do allow some internet sites hacked phones iPhone and grab its data. Report Google cause annoyance to users of phones, the iPhone and iPad, prompting Apple to respond formally to the report Google.

آبل ترد على جوجل في بيان رسمي بشأن ثغرات نظام iOS واختراق هواتف الآيفونApple respond to Google in an official statement on the gaps system iOS and penetrate phones iPhone

Apple TV: Google exchange!

I mentioned Apple in a statement by the official that attacks sites on the iPhone devices were focused and limited and never on a large scale. According to Apple, the websites that took advantage of the gaps the dozens were specifically targeting Muslims Islamic new in China however, Google gave the impression of age the prevalence of it, causing fear among the users of the iPhone, according to her.

(Muslims Islamic New living area of the East Turkistan people’s Republic of China and suffer persecution and discrimination and crush it in the practice of Muslim rites at the hands of the Chinese government as well as the massacres to which they were subjected during the last century.)

Added Apple TV also Google inflate the duration of the attacks said that the attacks lasted for two years while it is only two months and repaired within 10 days after the reported Apple TV to it.

Google responded to Apple TV

For its part responded with Google also in the official statements of The Verge said it is committed to everything stated in the original report that was published by the results reached by her team of security.

According to Google, the vulnerabilities discovered by its team of security in the iOS system was called for websites to obtain sensitive data from phones iPhone, such as geographic location, messages, photos, with minimal effort and without that who knows the site visitor targeted about it.

Hold Google also that there are thousands of visitors who have been targeted on a weekly basis throughout the two years in iOS 10 and iOS 11 to iOS 12 before leading her team to the security to discover it and notify Apple that fixed those vulnerabilities in the iOS update 12.1.4 in February.

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