Apple reported last quarter, again, without the iPhone, iPad and Mac

Tonight held a telephone conference, during which Tim cook and Luca Maestri told about Apple’s results for the third fiscal quarter of 2019, which coincides with the second calendar quarter. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the main outcome of the event over a Cup of morning coffee, because see there really is something.

The contents

Financial performance:

  • The revenues of 53.8 billion dollars (for the same period in 2018 53,3 billion)
  • Net profit was $ 10 billion (in 2018 $ 11.5 billion)
  • Earnings per share — $ 2.18 (last year — $ 2.34)
  • Free money — about USD 210 billion ($250 billion last year)


  • iPhone — data not provided (in 2018 41.3 million)
  • iPad — data not provided (in 2018 11.5 million)
  • Mac — data not provided (in 2018 3.7 million)
  • iPod — data not shown
  • Apple Watch data not shown

Apple sold every iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch and services:

Apple Store:

  • Revenues from the retail Apple Store — 7.7 billion dollars
  • In one quarter Apple retail stores were visited by about 100 million buyers

Apple Services:

  • The income of Apple services, including iTunes and the App Store, amounted 11.46 billion dollars — an absolute record
  • the iTunes Store brought the company $ 2.6 billion

Interesting facts and allegations:

  • Apple Pay is 1 billion transactions per month
  • Income from the iPhone fell by 12 %
  • Apple has 420 million paid subscribers of the services
  • Thousands of Apple employees are already using the Apple Card, and start — up in August
  • Apple wants to get Mac Pro only in USA
  • The company is rapidly increasing its share in China
  • 99% buyers are satisfied with their iPhone
  • iPad is 85% of the educational segment (last quarter 95 %)
  • Income from subscriptions with third-party applications increased by 40 %

Financially, the quarter was successful for Apple — monetary indicators increased (though slightly). However, the fact that the Corporation again reported sales of iPhone and other devices, causes confusion in the market. Perhaps the level of sales fell again, and in Cupertino just don’t want to mess up your statistics — in this report the top management has that right. However, even selling less smartphones, Apple manages to earn more due to the increase in the average price realized iPhone.

Whatever it was, investors responded positively to the new quarterly report from Apple. During the conference, the stock price of Apple in the previous auction grew by 4%. In order not to miss the moment when you need to buy shares and when to sell, subscribe to our channel in “Yandex.Zen”. There you can find the exclusive materials that are not on the website.

To compare the current results with Apple from last quarter, you can go to our website

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