Apple reported for the fourth quarter. The results are encouraging

Everything is always closely watching Apple. Particular attention it becomes on the eve of its financial reports. Investors are wondering what will happen next, analysts breathlessly waiting for confirmation of his innocence, but ordinary users waiting for a reason to gloat or Vice versa to admire Tim cook and his team. Done! Report for the fourth fiscal quarter ready. And it’s not as bad as some predicted.

Apple has always been interesting for investors

What Apple?

According to the report presented by the company, the profit in the fourth quarter of 2019 amounted to $ 64 billion, which is 2 percent more compared to the same quarter last year. The profit reached the mark of 13.69 billion. Quarterly earnings per share amounted to 3.03 dollar. This is 4 percent more than last year. At this rate, the interesting point was that 60 per cent of the company’s revenue was generated by international sales. Not so long ago we discussed the markets of the Apple in our Telegram chat.

Apple no longer publishes data on specific products, instead, the data are given collectively by groups of goods. They look as follows:

  • iPhone — of 33.36 billion dollars
  • iPad 4.66 billion dollars
  • Mac of 6.99 billion dollars
  • The goods for the house and accessories — of 6.52 billion dollars
  • Services of $ 12.5 billion

“We have completed a full financial innovations 2019 with the highest income for the 4th quarter, boosted by accelerated growth in the service sector, wearable devices and iPad,” said Tim cook, Apple CEO. “Given the fact that customers and reviewers love the new generation iPhone, the debut of the new AirPods Pro noise cancelling, hotly anticipated appearance Apple TV + and our best line of products and services, we are very optimistic about the upcoming holiday quarter.”

Forecast of financial results of Apple in the holiday quarter

The first quarter of the new fiscal year for Apple is traditionally very important. It is possible to understand how users have accepted the products and to compare it with other manufacturers electronics. Projections for the holiday quarter, which actually is already underway, the company is waiting for the following indicators:

  • Revenue — from of 85.5 to 89.5 billion
  • Gross margin from 37.5% to 38.5%
  • Operating expenses — from 9.6 billion to 9.8 billion dollars

The figures are rather optimistic. If they be true, we can safely say that the company coped with novelties and regained the location of the users after a little drawdown recently.

Results of the holiday quarter we will know in January 2020. Prospects for growth are many. Among them, Apple stores and the Apple Card, and going Apple TV+, and AirPods Pro. For me personally they are the most interesting of the upcoming innovations from Apple. Many have been waiting for!

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