Apple remember the owner of my iPhone 5 updating to iOS 10.3.4

I started the company Apple in warning the owners of phones iPhone 5 that they will lose major features over the internet, including e-mail; browse the web; and applications; and iCloud, if you happen to the iOS 10.3.4 before 12:00 UTC on 3 November.

Andshe said the Apple TV through the alerts status of filling the screen: the problem of the transition time GPS network, which began in April, will lead to stop of the features that require the correct date and time, as the company released the level of support to explain the details more fully.

The company issued in the month of July updates rare to fix the mistakes of the older versions of the iOS operating system 10.3.4 and iOS 9.3.6.

These updates are necessary to help make the devices iPhone and iPad ancient try the functionality of the site to the point where they pass the GPS network in transition time.

However, the problem is more serious for users of the iPhone 5, as in the case of is not update in time, the machine will not be able to connect to the internet fully, including browsing the web in Safari and email services, iCloud and App Store.

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Shows the dialog box for the owners of iPhone 5 in order to inform them of how important the update, and this problem is specific to phone iPhone 5, which was sold last time in the month of September 2013, and the owners update to the latest version of the iOS system before November 3 to keep the phone work normally.

In the absence of a translation, you won’t be updates pneumatic OTA backup like possible anymore, because the phone will not be able to connect to the network.

The user need in this case to connect to a computer and restore using iTunes on your PC or Mac to Mac.

And start the problem of the GPS impact on Apple devices, such as iPhone 4S and iPad 2; iPad with Retina display; the fourth-generation iPad, by midnight UTC on November 3.

Failure to update for those devices that feature GPS would stop working, as for the iPhone 5, the consequences will be more severe.

And Apple: as of October 15, the 9 percent of all users of iOS devices are using an older version of iOS 12, although many of them are using newer devices, where the share of women to 7 percent when the default data on the devices that four-year-old.

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