Apple releases update to fix the problem of overheating new MacBook Pro

After less than a week from the time of detection of the throttle in the new MacBook Pro, Apple has released an update that fixes the manifestation of this effect. Now professional laptops based on the processor Intel Core i9 will not suffer from overheating and reduced performance.

According to representatives of Apple, a thorough study of the problem revealed that the firmware of the new computers lacked the software component required for the effective management of the cooling system. Therefore, the CPU may experience overheating and dropping the clock speed.

To improve the performance of MacBook Pro

Since the update does not bring other novelties besides component for the effective management of the cooling system, it was decided to include in the latest version of macOS 10.13.6, updating only the number of its Assembly. As expected, the download it can only owners of the affected MacBook Pro.

The release of the update, eliminating the throttle, wipe the sneers off the faces of the fruit haters of the brand, allowing the top-end MacBook Pro to claim the title of one of the most powerful laptops of our time, able to cope with huge loads.

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