Apple releases iOS update to 13.2 with the advantage of Deep Fusion phones Evo 11

Apple launched shortly before the iOS update 13.2 for iPhone as well as update iPad OS 13.2 for the iPad and new update comes after the launch of the iOS / iPad general terms 13.1.3 two weeks just one month after the launch of the iOS / iPadOS 13.

The new update is available for all devices through the menu system update (Software Update) existing within the settings, on the other hand has launched Apple updated iOS 12.4.3 for older devices that work بـiOS 12 such as the iPhone 5.

What’s new in iOS update 13.2’s?

The first thing the new update is full support for the AirPods Pro which was announced today also, besides this the event featuring a large number of faces new expressive with the possibility to change the color of the skin where.

As for the iPhone 11, we have we heard about the advantage of Deep Fusion during the announcement of the phone but we haven’t seen her yet, here we find that Apple finally available in the iOS update 13.2 today and this feature is working on improving the detail in the image by portraying more of the image and integrate them with each other.

Now after downloading the iOS 13.2 on iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or the iPhone 11 Pro Max, any image you shoot mode will be activated Deep Fusion automatically, a feature not amenable to closure.

Of the important additions to improve the iOS 13.2 is the cancellation feature to watch everything you say for the Assistant voice Siri with Apple, which is an advantage excellent privacy promised to our Apple it for a while, after you activate this feature will not be recording your conversations with Siri and will not be sent to Apple.. that’s probably!

You can access this setting through the privacy settings the Privacy and hence analyses, data Analytics and Improvements and later head to Siri, and then Search as in the following picture:

In addition you will be able to delete apps from the main menu in iOS 13.2 by prolonged pressure on them as in the following picture, in addition to that the feature to Edit the Home Screen will help you re-arranged your apps or put them in folders etc.

Source: MacRumors

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