Apple releases iOS update do the 11.2.5

This update was mid because of his supposed Savior for owners of devices that have been slowed deliberately by Apple, and we have talked about this in an earlier article. But it seems that the update will be delayed a little bit because this update is coming to support the new Apple TV HomePod, which will be officially released on 9 February. And also fix some security problems. And New not this.

It is worth mentioning that this is the official update X for iOS 11, which came two weeks after iOS update 11.2.2.

The new iOS update do the 11.2.5

The update focuses on the support forum Apple, the new HomePod but there are also some fixes, including the problem of the message that you disable the Apple devices which allows the name (ChaiOS) So with this update, your device become safe from the problem of this annoying message, also Siri got read the news, but this feature is only available for some countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom and Australia only, it seems that this feature came until the HomePod does not benefit more than hearing the high price, also there is fix for problem that affected some it is the emergence of the call log is incomplete, there is a solution to the problem is another increased stability, according to Apple.

Includes iOS do the 11.2.5 support for HomePod offers a new feature that enables Siri to read the news (in the United States and the United Kingdom and Australia only). The update also includes some improvements and fixes.

Support HomePod
● Preparation and transfer of the settings of the Apple ID and the Apple Music and Siri and Wi-Fi to the HomePod automatically.

Siri News
● Become a Siri able to read the news now. Just say “Hey Siri, read the news”. You can also ask for the category of news such as sports or business or music.

Other improvements and fixes
● Treat the problem may cause the display of the phone application information is incomplete in the contact list.
● Addresses the problem caused the disappearance of the notices of mail-some accounts of the “Exchange” from the lock screen when you unlock iPhone X using Face ID.
● Addresses an issue that may cause the inclusion of the message conversations in the wrong order temporarily.
● Address the problem in CarPlay where the tools are available “running” to stop responding after changing the money the audio several times.
● Adds the ability of VoiceOver on the ad on the face of the operating level battery AirPod.

Before the update make sure to take a backup of the contents of your device whether on your cloud or on the application of an iTunes

To update your device do the following steps…


Go to Settings -> General -> software update, will show you that there is an update available.


You can click on learn more for details on the update.


To download the Update should contact the Wi-Fi preferably to connect your device to the charger and then press the button “download and install” and you will see the terms and conditions seal of approval.



After the update the device will restart. After several steps you will complete the update.


If you encounter a problem in loading or popping up a message unable to show the update it’s because there is significant pressure on Apple’s servers

Does it bother you to updates much or scowl useful because they solve some problems? Tell us in the comments.

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