Apple releases a larger phone iPhone in its history through 2018


Despite the passage of a few months on the launch of the telephone iPhone X new in the markets, but news of your phone coming from Apple in the year 2018 to spread out widely, recalling the latest report of the location of the fortuneAmerican, to be the biggest phone in Apple’s history will be launched this year, where they signed Apple deals with manufacturing partners to develop a screen measuring 6.5 inches in order to produce phone iPhone, it can be reissued later this year.

Phones iPhone 2018

Expected to reveal the Apple company during the current year for the three versions of phones iPhone, the oldest will be a full of the quality of the OLED , and the measurement of very large 6.5-inch, will have an update for iPhoneX posed to users in the past year, which comes with a 5.8-inch screen, and the other will be with the screen of LED and lower price.

ايفون XIPhone X

And the large proportion of phones iPhone of 2018 will be provided with a large number of new advantages, in addition to the recognition technology of facial features, the mobile comes with a fingerprint sensor below the screen, especially after the success of some companies to overcome the problems that were hindering the development of edited by.

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