Apple released the first beta of iOS 12.2 for all

Less than a week since the release of the first beta version of iOS 12.2 for developers, Apple introduced the Assembly to program participants pre-testing. It can install the owners of all compatible devices registered with the program through the air or through iTunes. The main thing is to have the appropriate beta profile, which you can download directly on the official website of the company.

Despite the fact iOS 12.2 is an update of the second order, which are also called functional, to detect landmark innovations to date, we have failed. But managed to confirm that Apple is preparing for us some truly iconic products that can not only change the market, but also to return the company to its former prestige and to elevate it in the eyes was disillusioned investors.

What’s new in iOS 12.2

In particular, if you believe the content of the software code iOS 12.2, Apple is preparing to introduce the next generation of wireless headphones AirPods, updated iPad 9.7 and iPod Touch, the seventh generation. In addition, the update confirmed the impending release of service Apple News Magazines. Within its framework expects Apple to offer users access to paid subscription journals with the option to simultaneously subscribe to multiple publications.

From the less significant innovations , we note the modified UI elements, support for televisions in the Home, the behavior for the service in cash, Apple Pay Cash, the ability to monitor the air quality in a particular location using Apple Maps, as well as mention of the possibility of reducing the volume of applications with the Swift programming language 5.0.

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