Apple released the care instructions for the Apple Card

Евгений Коваленко

Apple has published a guidethat shows how to brush their credit card.

Don’t be afraid to buy special cleaning products with the scent of Apple won’t have to. But you should gently clean the Apple Card from dirt with a soft cloth moistened with isopropyl alcohol, lint-free microfiber cloth.

In this case, Apple notes that the colored traces of some materials, in particular leather and denim, you can stay on the Apple Card and to wash them would be impossible. Also, do not store the card together with other cards in the same compartment, otherwise they may scratch the titanium coating.

Of course, to work your Apple Card will not stop, even if it is dirty or slightly scratched (unless damaged magnetic tape), the more, certainly the more you use the contactless payment through Apple Pay. The Apple Card but rather a status thing, so she put appropriate care.

Source: Apple

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