Apple registered a patent for a keyboard without buttons have reactions to touch


With the turning of the keyboards that appear on screen to feature used by a lot of now, the question is, Do you will start to makers of computers in air conditioning this design with laptops of their own? After all, the Elimination of physical buttons would help to make computers laptop thinner than ever. Although we couldn’t see it, only to have Apple idea.

According to the patent a new invention has been discovered recently by website Patently Apple, it seems that Apple may have thought about creating a keyboard ” without buttons “. Although we assume that this keyboard will look very elegant, so how people can feel the buttons flat? According to the patent, it appears that Apple is planning to use tactile feedback to improve it.

In fact, this is not the first time Apple on tactile feedback where I used the company’s technology is similar with the trackpad on the computers of the MacBook, where it is no longer adjustable, but give the impression that the work was done through the tactile feedback. However, the patent this goes beyond that by providing tactile feedback according to the place which compresses the user, which means that the keyboard wouldn’t care about the whole, but will focus on certain areas to give the illusion that the button was pressed for the users.

We’re not sure if this system would be better than a regular keyboard, but as we said the keyboard without the physical buttons that will allow companies to create laptops with designs more elegant and slim than ever before. However, since this is just a patent, there is no confirmation that Apple will convert this idea into reality.


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