Apple refuses to produce iPhone 11 by 8 million units to meet strong demand for sales

We have previously seen several references to the fact that sales of the iPhone 11 the best currently from the sales of the iPhone XS iPhone XR in the past year. Has been reported to a report by the Nikkei Asian, citing supply chain sources: “that this fall will be a busy request to this phone more than expected”.

It seems that Apple asked suppliers to increase production of the iPhone 11 by approximately 10%, which translates to 8 million additional units.

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The report says the Nikkei that the increase in applications focused mostly on the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, with the decline of your production for the most expensive iPhone 11 Pro Max a little bit.

I’ve met iPhone 11 buyers, thanks to significant advantages, including angle photography wide improved wide lens is very new, chips, and products are upgraded, the design of the bottle new rear, and a lower price. While it has been selling the iPhone XR compared to $ 749 last year, starts iPhone the 11 at the price of 699 dollars.

Due to the weak sales in the quarter of holidays for the year 2018, the lower the actual price of the iPhone XR, where Apple tweaks prices in some markets to increase sales.

It seems that the base price new $ 699 device iPhone 11 has reached the attention of consumers without having to more damage about the price. Of course, you can change the levels of demand with the passage of time, so it is still the supply chain is slightly cautious on the duration period of maximum production, especially with continuing fears of a trade war between the United States and China in the smartphone market.

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