Apple refused to allow in the App Store app for identification by face and voice

The smartphones have changed our lives for the better, which is hardly typed at least a dozen people, denying the convenience of a portable computing machines that we daily carry in Trouser pockets. With their help we run a wide range of everyday tasks — from ordering food to the house to solve many financial issues. As a matter of fact our virtual alter-ego, the smartphones could be used for ID, even in Russia. If not for Apple.

According to “Kommersant”, Russian banks plan to move to a new level of interaction with clients, significantly expanding the range of services provided remotely. It is planned to create a mobile app that identifies users by voice and way of a person and transmit this information to the credit organizations, which in turn will not allow to visit office, for example, to obtain consumer or mortgage loans.

Problem with App Store

The main problem, tell interlocutors “” close to the process of implementing a new way of identification of the Russians, is the unwillingness of Apple to miss identifying the app in the App Store. Obviously, in Cupertino believe the functionality of the design used for identification and transmitting this information to third parties (in this case banking organizations), inadequate policy of the corporate app catalog.

Another thing is Google. According to experts who spoke to “Kommersant”, the search giant does not pose absolutely no obstacle to the application identifier appeared in Google Play. This is largely due to a more loyal policy of the official app catalog for Android that provides for substantially less requirements to developers and published in its range of software.

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