Apple receive government requests access to more than 160 thousand device

Apple released a Transparency Report New which covers the period of the first half of the year and presented the design and an interactive a whole new easy to browse its content, with the possibility of review as a PDF file as usual.

The report shows that Apple received 32342 request to detect data about users from governments, an increase of 9% from the last report, that the arrangements relating to access to 163823 device from Apple devices. Of course, the number of devices is greater than the number of requests because the request may actually include multiple users and devices. Among those requests responded to Apple TV for 25,829 any, with a response rate of 80%.

Germany was one of the most requested data by users where sent to Apple more than 13 thousand applications around the more than 26 thousand device. Most of these requests were due to stolen electronics.

The United States came in second place by about 4500 request for about 15 a device, as well as there are 918 to request identifying information about users relating to needs and card Alison.

With regard to national security, the Apple TV has received less than 500 applications relating to less than 1500 device of the United States.

You can review the full report via the interactive site or browse it as a pdf file

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