Apple pulls thousands of apps, gambling App Store in China

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In the last month accused the Chinese media and state-run public company Apple because not enough to remove illegal content, such as allowing apps to store the iTunes App Store, as well as not doing enough to combat the sending of spam and annoying to users. Given the importance of the Chinese market for the company, we are not surprised when we learned that Apple has worked quickly to deal with this issue.

According to a new report recently released from the location of the CCTV, it appears that Apple has removed up to 4000 application from the iTunes store the App Store has been referred to on it apps is a gamble. Apparently the distribution of those applications under the guise of the application of the lottery, and the users they have lost a great deal of money as a result.

In a statement issued by Apple : ” the application of gambling illegal and is not allowed on App Store in China. I’ve already removed many of the app developers because of the attempt to distribute the apps illegal gambling on our store for applications, we are eager in our efforts to find these apps and prevent them from entry to the App Store “.

There is also the question of disturbing messages that we’ve heard lately that Apple is working with telecommunications companies to the Chinese to deal with, a problem faced by Apple is also in India. While it is understandable that Apple needs to comply with local laws, there are politicians in the United States are wondering whether you should get Apple to respond to the demands of the Chinese authorities.



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