Apple publishes three videos explain how to use magnifying sound smart HomePod

This topic Apple publishes three videos explain how to use magnifying sound smart HomePod appeared on Engadget.

Apple recently launched the audio. smart HomePod in the markets, she also published three videos to explain how to use it, said the website MacRumors to monitor these videos, which explain how to use it with the personal assistant Siri, adjust the settings, how to use touch controls.


For the first video Fisher how to Device Control with Siri, where you can ask him to play music from different playlists, you can also give voice commands for volume.

The second video Fisher how to use the touch controls in the audio. smart HomePod, when clicking on the top will cause it to play music or pause it, will Double and triple to move into the path of the following music or return to the Space Coast music.

The last video Viola how to adjust the settings of this speaker intelligent voice via your smartphone, where you can change the place where, and the account associated with it, as you can remove the extension and set it up again using another phone.


This topic Apple publishes three videos explain how to use magnifying sound smart HomePod appeared on Engadget.

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