Apple prohibits the mining of digital currencies on their

آبل تحظر تعدين العملات الرقمية على أجهزتها

Apple developed tough new laws to prevent the mining of the digital currency encrypted on the devices as well as neutralize the use of applications that deal out to stores various programs.

According to new company policy, they will prevent users from mining those coins on the systems macOS, iOS, watchOS, and tvos. After the prohibition of the programs Mining the currency for the store.

The new laws also prohibit the application of folders of e that do not follow formal institutions, as will prevent the application of the mining work on the hardware in going to be some applications that allow mining abroad are available, as well as to prevent any applications related to the electronic and converted with the exception of those private banks and official institutions.

With this news shocking the users who are Mining the digital currency devices Apple TV will begin searching for alternatives from other companies for the most part, which means that the step the US company to keep its platforms and will continue, but at the same time you’ll lose a lot of users.

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