Apple preparing to launch iPad Mini 5 in the first half of 2019

Can Apple launch a new version of the tablet iPad Mini 5 with Chip A10 processor Fusion, the size of the 7.9-inch screen, that is the official announcement of the device in the first half of 2019.

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May not been a lot of change on the design of your iPad Mini 5 coming from Apple this year, according to the latest leaks that have confirmed that the design of the next version is no different from the iPad mini 4 current.

Have indicated leaks DigiTimes that Apple is preparing to launch more than one version of the devices to read and, where applicable, one of which is entitled The iPad Mini 5 to the market, also do not vary the dimensions of the iPad Mini 5 next about the possible dimensions for the current version iPad Mini 4, so the projections indicate that the size of screen 7.9 inches, with a thickness of 6.1 mm for the device.

Also among the expectations that came about iPad Mini 5-in connectors lighting that back with this version, besides the technical support TouchID, with the entrance of the earphones 3.5 mm, also is expected to change the position of the microphones to be at the top in the new version the design is compatible with the previous generation of iPad.

And relieve tension of the slide used in the iPad Mini 5 between the A10 chip Fusion that use the phones iPhone the year 2017, or the chip is a A10X Fusion used in the previous generation of iPad in the iPad Pro for the year 2017, also did not disclose the leaks about the version of the pencil and Apple that will support your iPad mini 5.


I know of

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