Apple praised the iPhone’s display in the new XR is

The iPhone’s display XR, despite the low standards of 2018, the resolution demonstrates a high quality picture and can boast of stunning color. It is on these technology advantages Liquid Retina Apple tried to make the accent in the new ad, dedicated to his conventionally available flagship. In Cupertino decided to prove that resolution is not the only component of this success.

The new short film apparently takes place somewhere in France and initially is somewhat reminiscent of film Noir. Due to the lack of on screen bright colors the impression that in a world filled with pessimism, hopelessness and even some stubborn. But only as long as the streets spills tsunami dressed in colored overalls people that an incredible flood filled almost the whole space, displacing the despair.

IPS is better than AMOLED

“Leave room for the color stated in the description of the video. — Rate the full-screen display Liquid XR Retina iPhone, smartphone with the best battery life”.

The last recommendation is even more remarkable. She suggests that Liquid Retina shows itself not only as a quality replacement of organic matrices, but also as an extremely energy efficient solution that extends battery life of smartphone.

According to representatives Apple, the Retina Liquid technology combines the best qualities of LCD displays. As usual Retina displays, Liquid Retina have a maximum pixel density of 326 ppi, which is absolutely enough to distinguish individual dots with the naked eye. However, the engineers were able to achieve extremely precise color reproduction, contrast and brightness of the display, which, according to some users looks even better than OLED.

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