Apple poised to bring the full control of 3D in phones iPhone 2020

Website published by Bloomberg Today report on the latest developments in the design of the phones, the iPhone and iPad in 2020, where can Apple to bring full three-dimensional advanced technology, also come versions of 2019 from phones iPhone improvements and features new.

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Use Apple company to promote the technology to the next versions of the phones the iPhone and the iPad, where the site confirmed Bloomberg that Apple is on its way to bring the entire three-dimensional performance characteristic with a view to promote augmented reality technology in the phones the iPhone and the iPad that will launch in 2020.

Also according to Bloomberg choose technology camera three-dimensional about what they offer, Apple is now at phones iPhone, where he is scheduled to work on a survey of three-dimensional surrounding environment in the range of 15 feet, to any extent greater than the cam Face ID of the current which operates in the range of 25 to 50 cm.

As confirmed leaks internal of Apple on that camera phones will be using laser technology in the process of scanning three-dimensional as an alternative to the current, you will also get a slice of the processor more efficient, with some of the tools and improvements in the efficiency of imaging in the camera.

It is planned that the technology supports the laser camera to scan the ocean three-dimensional performance of the top and a larger space to promote augmented reality technology in the phones the iPhone, where you will promote the technical with greater accuracy in monitoring the details of the ocean and the empowerment of Things virtual efficiently, which also promotes pick up the featured images with minute details and clear.

Also refer to that the barrage will depend on the sensor of the Sony three-dimensional support of a technical author, in the framework of the vision of Apple to the future of the largest to provide augmented reality in smart phones, which supports the integration of virtual reality with the real world to the viewer, which enhances the use of phones in a lot of purposes.

new 3D camera iphones 2020

Some forecasts also indicate that Apple continue to push the system for augmented reality in 2020, which is the main reason to develop technology that camera phones support this technology, and in the leaks again it was pointed out that Apple previously planned to pay a technical writer three dimensional new versions this year, only that the tech giant backed out of this decision to begin with the development of this technique for versions of 2020.

In versions of 2019 of phones the iPhone and the iPad, he explained a Bloomberg report that Apple will this year introduce new versions of the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, which now carries a symbolic D42 وD43, as Will the update for the iPhone XR, which is scheduled to come to greater versions with the settings of the three for the rear, also come in other versions further improvements in the technique of the cable car.

Recall that Apple was the leader in the development of full control of smart phones, where the presented pattern photography Portrait for the first time in the phones, the iPhone, and also in spite of the decrease of the sales of Apple and dip the profits of the company only to phones, the iPhone still run the bulk of the profits from the revenues of Apple.

Also expected to start Apple in the payment of improvements and more for phones life during the coming years to achieve sales of new, it is expected that the work settings of the tripartite in the camera the background this year to stimulate users to buy versions of this year’s phones from the iPhone, where technology brings the best zoom in or export the details more accurate, for example, with the improvements in video recording also.

Also confirmed delivery of Internal that Apple will further improvements in the characteristics of Live Photos that come to have a longer duration in the video recording from 3 seconds to 6 seconds, also works on the experience of connectors USB-C as an alternative to outlets Lightning in phones the iPhone, as the phones come sensor developed to assess the Face ID, and brings the iOS update 13 style night vision with improvements in the interface CarPlay.

It is expected to get iPad Pro to feature camera three-dimensional also in 2020, which is upgraded for versions, so you won’t come to iPad Pro features and a significant change in design this year, only that the devices will get improvements in software with the launch of iOS 13.


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