Apple plans to launch iPad Pro 2018 screen 11 inch!

Use Apple to reveal the phones iPhone new soon in the coming months, which comes in three versions with different prices and sizes featured, but it seems that the American company will not only launch phones new EVO only, there are two versions of the New iPad Pro on the way.

Where appeared a new report confirms the intention of Apple to launch new versions of iPad Pro, one with a screen measuring 12.9 inches and the second measuring 11 inches !

The report says that the device new tablet from Apple will work with facial recognition Face ID, with the re-design of the two new models Remove button the Home of the device, with the reduce in the edges of the devices.

Which means that screen space is wider in the version of iPad Pro biggest screen display of 12.9, but the most interesting thing here is the launch of the company’s US device iPad Pro size 11 inch, to be the successor model of the iPad smaller Apple size of 9.7 inch, which was launched by the company in 2016.

The report states also that the company is planning to launch an Apple Watch Watch New a larger size, the headphones are AirPods new supports wireless charging for iPhone, it is supposed to be the launch of these new products in conjunction with the disclosure of the iPhone 2018 .

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