Apple plans to launch a chip 5G in phones, the iPhone and iPad company in 2022

Some reports recently suggested that Apple had already begun work on the development of partner modem 5G special for the company, in a new report it was pointed out that Apple will be the first release of the chipset modem 5G in 2022.

New report confirms today that partner modem 5G developed by Apple will be launched in the iPad and phones iPhone in 2022, so at the end of the barrage of testing and development process of the chip fully.

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I have noted one analyst noted that the tests of the final chip modem 5G from Apple will need to approve the certificate of authentication of the chip in all over the world, which emphasizes on matching the chip with global standards, which seek to implement his Apple at the moment in the process of developing the chip.

Also expected to get chip modem 5G of Apple in the finish on the accreditation certificate from the FCC before you apply in iPad, phones, iPhone, so some analysts forecast that the chip Apple will be available in 2023.

Recall that the development team chip modem 5G at the Apple company featuring Esin Terzioglu who is an expert in radio frequency engineering, who previously worked at Qualcomm, and then joined Apple in 2017.


I know of

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