Apple plans to introduce iTunes into separate apps in update macOS 10.15

Use Apple company to finish the iTunes to be replaced application of separate update macOS 10.15, on to save apps to a separate app for music, videos along with favorite apps.

It looks like Apple is about to break up iTunes

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It seems that Apple is about to finish the software iTunes famous, where, according to the latest reports published today on the web, that Apple is on its way to deliver iTunes to a collection of separate apps that include a special application for music, one for video, and the TV also Podcasts, to apply these applications in the new update for the macOS.

Has been referred to the site 9to5Mac that Apple will be application a new experience trying to apply their new Apple News on Mac, it also comes bored main features of the possible applications on the iPad and phones iPhone in iOS platform.

Also expected to come to the music app with a focus on music services only away from the group iTunes integrated, also comes the TV application services Apple new broadcast video content TV Plus, is also scheduled to be the focus in the application of podcasts on the podcasts only, while the content of books the application of special now in the macOS, but Apple is planning to re-design the app later.


I know of

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