Apple plans to integrate iOS apps وmacOS by the year 2021

For years, Apple has compiled a Platforms phones and desktop and tablet devices together, so as to facilitate features such as Handoff and Continuity Camera start to work on the iPhone and continue on the Mac, for example.

But the company still retains the applications of the Mac, the iPhone, and(to some extent) the apps iPad separate. In 2021, may change all that. According to a new report issued by the company Bloomberg, Apple plans to enable developers to create applications working on all major platforms of the company.

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The report says that the initiative aims to encourage the development of applications.

If the report is accurate, it may be this step is very useful to developers and a big change for users. For example, this may mean that it will merge the App Store وMacOS App Store effectively in one shop.

It is important to note that this does not mean that my system is MacOS and iOS would become one operating system.

Likely to hear at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference WWDC in early June of this year, more about this initiative.

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