Apple plans to dispense LCD screens and the adoption of OLEDs in full

آبل تخطط للاستغناء عن شاشات LCD واعتماد شاشات OLED بشكل كامل

Published the newspaper The Wall Street Journal report talking about the intention of Apple exploitation for the LCD screens in its phones next year in full, will adopt OLED screens instead, due to performance disappointing for her phones that protect LCD screens in particular, most recently, the iPhone XR.

Was Apple TV have begun to use OLED screens two years ago with the iPhone X after quite some time of the adoption of this type of screens from companies like Samsung and LG, which were the main provider for Apple TV of this kind of companies during the past two years.

It can be said that such a step looks logical from the company, especially as the cost of OLED screens will fall with time because of the availability of Technical many companies, and some went to develop the techniques and the highest for this type of display to allow the entry into force of image and sound maybe we’ll see it this year or next allowing down the prices of screens available now.

It is worth mentioning that the adoption of Apple for OLED in 2020 will coincide with the launch of the company to the fifth generation in its phones.

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