Apple Pencil scratches iPad Pro (2018)

In October last year, Apple introduced a new generation iPad Pro. As soon as new items came into the hands of the first buyers, it turned out that slim body of the tablet is subject to bending. This defect could manifest itself not only in use but also on brand new device. Of course, this did not stop – in the process of use have been identified and other deficiencies.

In the October presentation, Apple in addition to iPad Pro, also showed the updated pen Apple Pencil 2. At the event, special emphasis was placed on how to charge a new accessory for this users need to stick the stylus to the edge of a new tablet. It would be nice if for one thing — the stylus scratches the iPad Pro (2018) points of contact.

The first problem was reported in Reddit.

The last couple of weeks I have been charging my Apple Pencil 2. Once I removed the accessory charging, and discovered a serious scratch on your iPad Pro.

As proof, the user has attached a photo of the defect.

The problem was recognized and the other owners of the iPad Pro (2018).

As you can see from the photos, the scratches are really large and noticeable — in some cases even peel off the coating. It is noteworthy, but not limited to — it turned out that Apple Pencil 2 scratches even on the screen of the device.

In theory, Apple Pencil 2 should not scratch the iPad screen Pro (2018). However, tiny particles of dust and dirt can get on the tip of the pen, and this, in turn, can lead to unpleasant consequences. Yes, we are talking only about a small scratch — but the whole situation raises serious questions about the quality of the coating of the iPad screen Pro (2018).

It is unknown whether it is considered similar to a cosmetic defect covered by warranty — Apple did not give any comments about it.

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