Apple Pay is a payment service via mobile devices is most popular in United States

Apple Pay

Five years after her appearance, think of the Apple Pay payment service via mobile devices within the most popular museums in the United States of America. Says a new report by the foundation eMarketer that service Apple Pay was payment platform most commonly used for payment through mobile devices in the last year, overtaking the application of Starbucks for smart phones the application of which was the defense most commonly used in the United States until recently.

The number of users of the platform Apple Pay is now 30.3 million users, followed by the platform of Starbucks to $ 25.2 million users. They also excel much on competing services such as Google Pay, which owns 12.1 million users, and Samsung Pay, which owns 10.8 million users. Received service Apple Pay go down very well as good museums all over the United States of America believes they will be available in about 70% of all retailers by the year 2020.

On this subject, stated the analyst Yory Wurmser of the institution of eMarketer said : ” take advantage of the Apple Pay of the spread of POS systems ( POS ) New powered by NFC, which operates the service Apple Pay. Must travel the same direction. also the two Google Pay and Samsung Pay, but they will continue to divide the Android marketplace “.

When it comes to the future, the foundation expects to eMarketer that uses about 30% of smartphones in the United States of America, Application Support via mobile devices in the next year. How to expand Apple Pay outside the United States of America is progressing strongly, this service is currently available in more than 40 countries, which confirms the dominance of Apple on the sector of payment services through mobile devices.

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