Apple Pay considered as a way to pay in stores Apple TV digital in many countries

آبل باي تُعتمد كوسيلة دفع في متاجر آبل الرقمية في العديد من البلدان

Become a digital payment service Apple Pay approved formally as a means of payment in the Apple Stores various digital in iTunes and the App Store, as well as the Apple Book as well as to serve the Apple TV musical as well as in the payment of subscriptions to cloud storage iClould.

Where Added Apple Pay as a payment method in the Apple Store the digital in both the United States and the United Arab Emirates, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Taiwan, Ukraine, and Russia in its first phase, so this feature is not available for all users currently.

In can installation your payment method by logging in to develop the portfolio through the Apple ID account and go to the properties then login to iTunes and App Store and thus have access to manage the payment method by means of which you can add a payment method customized by the specific card is agreed with the service Apple Pay.

It is worth mentioning that Apple Pay provides a number of features accounts for the Apple ID associated with it includes providing the opportunity to connect a number of credit cards under the preservation of security more for the payments or purchase as a whole, with The facilitate recent water management user to contribute in the service of the Apple TV Musical or cloud storage iClould through the wallet application better.

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