Apple patents new screen with a hole for the front camera

iPhone XS Max

One of the criticisms that I have a lot of people on the designs of modern smartphones is that they come with the screens with force. Cut is considered essential because it is the place where some major components such as sensors and cameras, this widget will be essential if manufacturers make screens to cover a large proportion of the duties of its organs.

However, it seems that Apple is targeting the idea of creating an iPhone will cut smaller in the screen, has revealed a patent was discovered recently on design includes a screen with a hole for the front camera. This means that instead of using pieces of the rectangle, there will be only a small hole for the front camera.

The interesting thing is that this is not the first time that we see such a design, the companies like Huawei are introducing the Huawei patent for a similar design, while Samsung also like this screen, which will not create a phone featuring a slim frame too.


There was a leak in the month of October the past reveals to us that Asus was dealing with a similar idea in order to phone ZenFone 6. I must say that while we understand why these companies with these new designs, the presence of a hole in the screen will cause distracting users, this is already what you are trying to some companies such as Apple to avoid it in all of its organs which has issued up to now by relying on the varied designs. However, since this is just a patent, there is no guarantee that Apple will apply this design in its smart phones next.


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