Apple patented a new model of its smart cameras

آبل تسجل براءة اختراع لطراز جديدة من ساعتها الذكية مزود بكاميرا

Showed the United States Office of patents and trademarks registered Apple’s patent, a new hint to add the police camera on the watch strap by smart, so that the camera added free movement and cover a large area as the Picture Show above.

It is through the information contained in the registration file of a patent and the approval to see that the new concept camera Apple Watch that the company would like to apply, training, apply it practically, differs from the models of the watches previous to competitors who added a camera to pack the former in particular, hours Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Where to camera Galaxy Gear fixed on the band as they cover one side only and does not provide high safety for different use purposes where it is difficult to exploit it to make video calls.

While the Apple Watch phenomenon in the patent, the cameras will cover at least one side with a hint of the possibility of the existence of a pair of cameras on the Belt and thereby provide an imaging technology 360-degrees, for the site chosen to add the camera on the belt can be expected to ease the user’s control and guidance according to his desire.

In the same context of the exploitation of attachments smart and expand its work especially by adding the cameras, the Samsung is other to register a patent to add the camera pen the S Pen of the special series of phones note and can expand the use of its organs the other also.

It is worth mentioning that Apple Watch you think is degrading to the smart watch market is Global, where he was for the last of Series 4 a large role in increasing the desire of action acquired, due to the new host, especially at the level of health surveillance and physical activity.

In the case of the exploitation of Apple’s plan of adding a camera is gentle and effective for and applied standing, this will ensure the continued superiority of Apple in the smart watch market for largest definitely.

In a development that patenting does not necessarily mean its implementation a reality anytime soon or even applied in the long term, being a make a paradigm shift in the techniques you need an extensive study of the companies, as appropriate for the consumer and efficiency of the technical in conjunction with the test of time for implementation.

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