Apple Park: the first victims

Jony Ive loves glass: the past ten years, he was actively involved in its taming of not only Apple products but also in architectural activities. In the end, the new Apple campus have received a lot of transparent walls and doors, only this was not only a source of pride but also a source of problems.

In early January this year, the staff started to call in Apple Park, and since there are few cases when they did not notice the vertical glass surfaces, leading to injury. Two cases were serious enough to call an ambulance.

If you remember that the campus has several thousand people, several incidents can hardly be seen as a reason to sound the alarm. But in the case of increasing the number of such cases we can speak about violation of the California law, which specifies the exact safety standards in the workplace.

This is not the first case when Apple executives in favor of the aesthetic effect of the sacrifice of safety requirements. Many of us famous case of Steve jobs, in preparation for the presentation of Macintosh, required to turn off the emergency lights, which required firefighters. Maestro needed complete darkness, and some officials stood in his way and tried to spoil the impression from the show.

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