Apple paid a million dollars fraudster pictures of empty boxes

The financial success of Apple does not give rest not only its competitors, but some of the fans who from time to time trying to cash in on your favorite company. But if for this some wear on the head of a black stocking and it is not clear what hoping, they were going to Rob an Apple Store, others behave more elegantly, so to talk about the crime. For example, exchanging fake iPhone for real or – and this happens repeatedly receive a refund for allegedly not received the goods.

A resident of the state of Michigan by the name of van seyla Mork, nicknamed the Boxed crook, repeatedly turned to Apple with a complaint that they purchased in the online store the item came before him and demanded a refund. Each time he presented himself by the name of the real buyer who really issued the order through the Apple Online Store, confirming the fact of acquisition of a photo of the empty boxes and thus “earned” on trust Apple more than one million dollars.

Theft of a parcel

Implement a fraudulent scheme like this in the US is much easier than, say, in Russia. The fact that in the United States is the norm, if the postman or courier, not finding the recipient’s home, leave the package at the front door. All this so accustomed that cases of theft are minimized. However, they cannot be excluded completely, and therefore the probability that the buyer will not receive your order due to the fact that it was stolen, still present.

But the surprise in this situation is completely different. It is not clear where and, most importantly, how, Mork learned the real data of buyers do place orders through the Apple Online Store. According to some, he was a co-defendant, who worked in the service order processing company, however, whether so it actually, will find out a consequence. While Marco faces up to 20 years in prison on several counts and a fine of 750 thousand dollars.

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