Apple overtake Asus to become the fourth best-selling for laptops in the world

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Considering the fact that the computers of the company Apple TV already come with the operating system of the company, it is understandable why these computers are not targeting all users, especially those who depend so much on the Windows System. This is the reason that market share for Apple in the market of personal computers tend to be smaller than the other.

However, it seems that this can be changed in the market of laptops, at least according to the latest institution TrendForce specialized in market research which indicates that Apple managed to make it through Asus in the market of laptops becoming the fourth largest vendor for laptops in the world. The change in the mattresses only applies to Apple and Asus, this means that the observer of the other brands remained the same without change.

In 2016, Asus ranked fourth with a market share of approximately 10.3 percent, while they own Apple’s market share of 8.3 percent. However, this changed in the year 2017 where the company has experienced Asus a decline in its market share to 9.5 percent, while the market share for Apple has grown to 9.6 percent. Expects the institution TrendForce also be used to Apple to raise its market share so that it can reach 10.4 percent in the year 2018 in a while you will see the market share of buy Asus improved slightly to 9.8 percent.

However, Apple is still very far from appropriate brands and the most established in this market, such as HP and Lenovo that market share each of more than 20 percent, although there is a chance to catch Apple and Dell ranked the second note that the market share of the latter currently hovering around 15 percent.


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