Apple or Amazon or Google: the race to reach one trillion dollars!

The talk now in the financial community about the companies that will be its market value to a trillion USD for the first time in human history (a trillion equals a thousand billion), and competition between companies like Apple and Amazon and Google and Microsoft to reach this imaginary figure first!

آبل أم أمازون أم جوجل: سباق الوصول إلى التريليون الدولار!

Apple or Amazon or Google: the race to reach one trillion dollars!

Amazon may precede the Apple TV!

Before four months from now, the market value of Apple TV about $ 893 million while the market value of Amazon’s US $ 752 million, but analysts economists that maybe Amazon may be the first company that reaches its market value to a trillion dollars and not Apple due to the annual rate of growth a huge Amazon and up to 87% compared with 24% for Apple TV.

السباق يحتدم بين أمازون و آبل!

The race between Amazon and Apple!

Value is calculated market capitalization of any company by following the treatment of simple calculation through the hit value per share in the company in number of shares, and so the change in the company’s share price reflected positively or negatively on its market value.

Now the price of Apple stocks up to 191$ to go up with market value to $ 933 million, when the stock price rises to$ 205 when will Apple have reached a trillion dollars. Also now has a market capitalization of Amazon’s $ 894 million, but a growth rate Double Apple almost, and is something which makes the experts Guide to Amazon, you’ll be the first company closest to a trillion dollars, and then Apple.

آبل على أعتاب الوصول إلى التريليون دولار و أمازون تلاحقها

Apple is on the cusp of reaching a trillion dollars and Amazon to notice them

Google and Microsoft on the racing line too!

Other companies competition is the parent company for Google a market capitalization of $ 835 million and you need to increase 20% in value of the stock to reach a trillion dollars, and also we have Microsoft which needs its share to increase only 22%.

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