Apple officially reveal the battery protective Smart Battery Case for iPhone modern


We’ve heard in the past that Apple will probably launch card and proof of a new ” Apple Smart Battery Case ” for its smart phones modern. And for those who don’t mind increasing the battery life in the iPhone of their own, you’ll be interested in without a doubt know that Apple has today officially revealed the battery protective ” Apple Smart Battery Case ” for all smart phones, the three new, and this includes the iPhone XR and iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Somehow, surprising really to find the Apple decides to make this battery protective ” Apple Smart Battery Case ” New compatible with all smart phones, three modern, it has been the availability of cover Apple Smart Battery Case of the current rather limited. According to Apple, it has stated by saying : ” Give your Apple Smart Battery Case longer battery life while providing great protection. Inside, help the soft lining made of micro fiber to protect your iPhone. And on the outside, it looks like the texture is smooth and silky thanks to its silicone outer wonderful. Help design hinge soft rubber to facilitate the task of the installation of the cover and remove it “.

It should be noted that it can charge this battery protective use wireless charging, this means that you can charge the iPhone and this cover wirelessly at the same time. This will cover protective for iPhone users XS increased up to 33 hours in terms of duration of the calls, while will be 37 hours for your iPhone XS Max, and up to 39 hours for your iPhone to the XR.

Before conclusion, we would like to point out that the pricing of this battery protective for all phones iPhone the three above-mentioned estimated at 129 USD with science that you can get from here.

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